New Scent Rescue Center

In the heart of compassion and dedication, New Scent Center stands as a guiding light for 75 young girls who have found refuge from horrible cases of gender-based violence. Spearheaded by the nurturing guidance of the Director, Flora, the center has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation in the lives of these beautiful young girls.

We are overjoyed to share that 9 of the girls have successfully completed their high school studies, achieving exceptional results in their final examinations. Additionally, 20 girls are currently pursuing their education at the high school level, while 48 others are thriving in the primary school curriculum.

In a visionary effort to foster sustainability and empowerment, the New Scent Educational Center has been established to provide educational opportunities for these talented, bright girls. Despite being 75% complete, the school building serves as a vibrant hub for learning.

However, urgent support is needed to raise $40,000 to complete the construction, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for the girls to flourish. Your contribution will not only finalize the construction but also pave the way for income-generating activities, fostering a brighter future for these deserving young girls. 

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