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The New Scent Center’s name symbolizes a fresh start for survivors of abuse, offering hope for a new beginning. The center aims to restore dignity, self-worth, and livelihood to girls who have experienced gender-based violence, providing them with a semblance of normalcy.

Servant Forge has supported New Scent center to create a safe haven for over 74 children who have faced sexual assault and abandonment on the streets of Tala, Kenya. New Scent Center is dedicated to restoring dignity to victims of gender-based violence, aiding them in their journey of recovery and restoration. Presently, the center provides shelter and care for girls aged 3 to 21.

At the New Scent Center, girls not only receive essential necessities such as shelter and food but also access to education, offering them a beacon of hope for the future. The compassionate caregivers at the center guide these young survivors from despair to hope, actively seeking out children who have been abused, abandoned or lost their families. Their mission embodies principles of justice and mercy.

The girls of the New Scent Centre have experienced unimaginable harm. But they now have reason to hope as they receive basic necessities, such as food and shelter, alongside opportunities for education. Director Mwikali and her team are shepherds who move these young children from despair to hope. The staff walks the streets searching for children who have been cast away or lost their families. Their mission is one of justice and mercy.


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