Our Mission

Embrace Service | Empower Communities | Forge Leaders

We aim to cultivate leaders and encourage communities to embrace service for global betterment. Through empowerment and collaboration, we foster positive change and create a more compassionate, equitable world.

Service Is A Lifestyle

Genuine servanthood comes from people who show — not just say — that they value dignity, humanity and the promise of
every person reaching their fullest potential.

Think Big

Genuine change rises from grassroots. Servant Forge equips communities for holistic transformation. Local successes ripple globally, uniting regions, nations, and continents.

Build Local

Servant Forge helps develop leadership using the talents, energy, and character of the local economy. Servant Forge advances projects that lead to transformative change.

Anchored In Faith

Rooted in faith, communities thrive. Committed to a greater sovereignty, Servant Forge partners with diverse religious groups for restoration, healing, and empowerment.

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Our Impact

Join Servant Forge to fund transformative projects empowering communities through sustainable agriculture, women's empowerment, and youth programs. Make a difference today!

Project for Consideration


Servant Forge empowers the vulnerable and marginalized communities. Join us in creating a positive impact in the world


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    Support Our Mission

    Support Our Mission

    As we joyously celebrate the holidays, let's cherish the spirit of giving and extend a helping hand to those in need. May the warmth of the season fill our hearts with compassion and generosity. Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with love, joy, and meaningful connections and a happy 2024!Take…
    Kakuma Project

    Kakuma Project

    In the course of the year, our focus was dedicated to understanding and alleviating the profound effects of trauma, especially for the leaders and teachers residing in the Kakuma Refugee Camp who are tasked with providing care for unaccompanied minors within the camp.  In a transformative collaboration with the Trauma…