Hope Farm - Sustainable Agriculture and Economic Empowerment

Established in 2011, Hope Farm emerged from the determination and resilience of beneficiaries of a food distribution program by the Nazarene Compassionate Organization. Faced with persistent drought and an unsustainable reliance on handouts, they sought an alternative solution. With a portion of the necessary funds raised, they acquired land for farming in Lodwar. Servant Forge, alongside various partners, rallied behind these women, providing support and empowerment to transform desert land into a fertile and verdant farm.

Despite experts’ skepticism due to the harsh conditions of heat, sandy soil, and saline water, the beneficiaries have defied odds. They now generate income from farming in an environment previously deemed inhospitable. Hope Farm stands as a testament to God’s faithfulness amidst tragedy, blossoming blessings in the desert.

In addition to its remarkable achievements, Hope Farm faces the challenge of climate change. The increasingly erratic weather patterns, prolonged droughts, and unpredictable rainfall pose significant threats to its sustainability efforts. However, the farm’s resilience and adaptive capacity shine through as it implements strategies to mitigate and adapt to these changes.

Hope Farm has expanded its impact by establishing the poultry project that brings numerous benefits to the community. With four chicken coops housing layers and broilers, the farm now provides meals to over 3,500 community members. Furthermore, the poultry project yields valuable manure, which is utilized to enhance soil nutrition and promote high-yield crop cultivation on the farm. This holistic approach not only addresses food security but also contributes to sustainable farming practices, ensuring a brighter future for the community


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