Wings of Hope center - Women Resource Center and Counseling

Women Empowerment, Counselling & training Center

Communities only thrive when all of its members have an opportunity to thrive.

The Wings of Hope was formed to create a functional, successful and safe space for women. Through the program, women are equipped economically, emotionally, physically and spiritually to become successful members of the community.

The center offers a safe haven to survivors of gender-based violence and the community at large. Wings of Hope Center represents a voice for the voiceless through the collaborative referral network in terms of development of skills, spiritual development and a psychosocial support system. The center is home for women and children who have survived traumatic experiences and provides a safe space for healing and conflict resolution.

At the center, women are economically empowered through the skill of dressmaking and design. The women study for a whole year and once they master the skills, they graduate and with a little capital support, they are able to start their own business which earns them an income and therefore able to provide for their families

Milestones, Achievements and Impact

Women Empowerment, Counselling & training Center

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The Church of the Nazarene in Lodwar served as the foundation of our humanitarian and compassionate ministries’

Hope Farm - Sustainable Agriculture

Servant Forge partnered with locals to provide half the cost of a 25-hectare farm, fencing, and solar water system.

SEMA Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship program is a dynamic network of young people through which we are creating links within generations of youth.

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