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Scouting In Kenya

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Servant Forge looks to create servant leaders within the communities they serve, and it is a perfect partnership with BSA and the Kenya Scouting Association (KSA), which seek to develop youth leadership, foster community service, and develop a moral compass.

Program Objectives

Proposed Schedule

Days 1 – 4 in Nairobi

Days 5 to 6 Machakos Scout Camp

Days 7 to 8 Climb Mount Kenya – Trip to Nyeri trip

Days 7 to 8 Climb Mount Kenya – Trip to Nyeri trip


For this 10-day experience, the cost of the trip will be $1,400 per Scout plus the cost of airfare. (Flights this time of year run about $800 to $1,000 round trip. We will lock into a group flight to keep us all traveling together,)


Servant Forge Payment Info

Checks and cash may be sent to the Servant Forge Business Office:
Address: Scouting in Kenya Attn: Jason Drake, 5118 Henry Ave., Baltimore, MD 21236
For electronic payments below $750, we prefer PayPal payments to Servant Forge
Account Email:

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servant Forge advances projects that lead individuals and communities toward better health, safety, education, and prosperity.

Sustainable Agriculture Economic Empowerment

Promoting self-reliance through sustainable farming practices for economic empowerment.

Women's Resource Center And Counselling

Empowering women through comprehensive resources and professional counseling services.

SEMA Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship program is a dynamic network of young people through which we are creating links within generations of youth.

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