Servant Forge facilitates partnerships with both church-based and non-church teams, particularly from the United States, who embark on week-long working trips centered on various project aspects in Kenya. These trips not only contribute to project fundraising but also offer participants the chance to build relationships with beneficiaries and experience Kenya’s beauty.

Notable teams hosted include:

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Milestones, Achievements, and Impact:

  • Construction of the Wings of Hope building
  • Construction of two shade nets at Hope Farm
  • Construction of laying boxes for the poultry program
  • Planting over 2,000 indigenous trees at Hope Farm
  • Training and capacity-building of teachers in Kakuma Refugee Camp
  • Training and capacity-building of women at the Wings of Hope Center
  • Leadership Training for pastors and lay leaders at Lodwar Church of Nazarene
  • Leadership development for over 100 young people in Lodwar and Kakuma Refugee Camp through Freedom Found camps
  • Successful medical camp in Lodwar and Kakuma during a doctor’s strike in Kenya

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