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Kenya Gender-Based Violence Partnership

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Gender-based violence (GBV) is an endemic perpetrated mainly against women and children that results in physical, sexual and/or psychosocial harm. USAID and UNICEF research shares the following staggering statistics:

The 2011 drought and subsequent famine in the Horn of Africa and Kenya — the worst in 60 years — resulted in an estimated 12.5 million people facing a severe food crisis and in urgent need of emergency assistance. While violence against women and girls is often associated with war, natural disasters also heighten abuse.

The impact of drought and subsequent poverty and displacement increases women’s and girl’s vulnerability to gender-based violence.

In particular, a breakdown in physical and social systems for protection during crisis —such as the recent drought and famine — leads to sexual assault and violence.

The Kenya Gender-Based Violence Partnership (KGBVP) Program endeavors to respond to the pandemic of gender-based violence in Kenya and East Africa.

With the Lodwar Church of the Nazarene as the anchor of our work, KGBVP is built on five pillars that support integrated health services, GBV
survivor counseling and sustainable agricultural practices.
We aim to improve the community’s response to GBV
to support survivors and strengthen families.

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