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Servant Forge is dedicated to forging leaders for the greater good — on land and at sea. We are eager for you to learn more about our leadership development program, Fairlead Sailing Excursions.

Our co-founder, James Copple, is not only an accomplished consultant, author and policymaker, but also a sailor. He invites you to sail the open seas as he leads your voyage alongside captains of industry. Hone your leadership capabilities and reinvigorate your commitment to strengthen your community while learning how to sail with Fairlead Sailing Excursions.

What started as a group of friends getting together to sail has grown into annual voyages that offer participants a place to connect, reflect, and grow. The trips bring together exemplary leaders from a variety of business, civic, faith, commerce, philanthropy, and education sectors.

James believes strong leadership emerges from adversity, not just boardrooms. Fairlead Sailing Excursions, sponsored by Servant Forge and Leading to Serve, fosters community and idea-sharing for positive change. For a decade, Leading to Serve fellows have led themed sailing adventures worldwide, encouraging discussions on leadership, community, and service.

Guiding Principles of Fairlead Sailing Excursions

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servant Forge advances projects that lead individuals and communities toward better health, safety, education, and prosperity.

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