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Women’s Resource Center and Counseling

Women’s Resource Center and Counseling


Wings of Hope Center is a program that provides women and children with a functional and safe place where they can be equipped emotionally, physically and spiritually with the tools and skills to become successful members of the community. The Center offers a safe haven to survivors of gender-based violence as well as the community at large. Wings of Hope Center represents a voice for the voiceless through the collaborative referral network in terms of skill development, spiritual growth and a psychosocial support system. Communities can only be successful when all of its members have an opportunity to thrive.

Current Needs on the Road to Sustainability
  • Education in Business Skills and Concepts
  • Women-centric Leadership Training

Milestones, Achievements and Impact
Skills Development

Tailoring Program

The collective of women at the Wings of Hope Center are learning the art of tailoring. The Center works with 30 seamstresses who have been advancing their skills under the guidance of professionals. Through generous donations, the Center is equipped with 18 tailoring machines that are used for vocational education. The women are trained and once they are confident enough in their skills and abilities, they are able to start their own business and provide for their families. The women are also gaining more clientele due to their professionalism and efficiency at work. They are able to fulfill requests for uniforms for children from different schools, which is a great achievement and source of income.

Beading Art

The Center also has provided a place for the women to learn art. Some women began training on beading and have been able to create beautiful, unique pieces that have been sold in local and international markets. Through this, the women have been able to earn an income and improve their standards of living. Their increased confidence benefits not only their families, but the extended community as well.

Spiritual Development

Under the guidance and leadership of the Church of the Nazarene, the Wings of Hope Center offers discipleship classes to church leaders. This work continues through various training sessions that explore the foundation and meaning of servant leadership and discipleship. Many local spiritual leaders have participated in this process, and some have gone on to lead various cell groups around the town of Lodwar.

Psychosocial Support

Wings of Hope is home for women and children who have survived traumatic experiences. It is a safe space for healing and conflict resolution. The Center has a counselor in place who is able to offer guidance and counseling to any woman in need. Recently, they have also been able to offer services to members of the community.

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