Servant Forge Team Kenya

Team Members

Irene Kimani – East Africa Director

Irene is a professional accountant with more than five years of experience in financial management. Her expertise
includes budgeting and forecasting, taxation, project funds management and general fiscal advising.
She has been involved in the USAID-Kenya Horticulture Competitiveness Project (KHCP) funds management,
accounting and reconciliation of donor-funded projects.

Irene is a qualified accountant with a bachelor’s degree
in business management from Moi University, Eldoret, and also is a Certified Public Accountant. She is an exceptional leader and communicator, confident and able to work within a challenging environment. Irene’s career objectives are to be part of a dynamic team that makes valuable contributions to both the economy and society.

Linnette Muga – Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Program Officer

Linnette Muga is a qualified finance
graduate with a bachelor’s degree in
finance and accounting. She is a member of the Africa Youth Leadership Forum, a leadership entity in East Africa that
focuses on mentorship and value-based leadership. She participates in AYLF’s leadership program and has enjoyed
mentoring opportunities.
She has successfully completed courses that have helped her develop leadership skills such as the Trust Edge Program by David Horsager and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People program based on Stephen Covey’s training materials.
Linnette is the general program manager at the E.A. office.
She works collaboratively with team leaders for the different projects at SF Kenya to ensure the organization meets its objectives. She communicates
with Servant Forge supporters/donors via social media and contributes to newsletters about the progress and growth of the various projects within the Kenya Gender-Based Violence Program.
Linnette mentors high school students nearing graduation.
She also had the opportunity to intern with SEMA and is dedicated to ensuring the program operates smoothly.
Linnette endeavors to make sure that “SEMA is a safe space, a platform enabling everyone and anyone to be able to
peak out whenever they have something to say or are in need, and not be afraid to tell their truth and story.”
Linnette embodies the quote by Maya Angelou, “If you learn, teach, and if you get, be sure to give.”

James Ngugi – Logistics Coordinator

James grew up in Lunga Lunga, a slum neighborhood, and has overcome many challenges in his life.
James displayed loyalty, diligence and potential when he began working with SAI as a driver.
As SAI’s first Kenyan staff member, James assisted SAI in its early days of partnership development.
He mobilized and coordinated youth from the slums to
participate in SAI’s Kenya Youth Employment and Empowerment Initiative, a USAID-funded project enhancing the future of Kenya’s young population. James serves as SAI’s logistics assistant, and he continues to be the best driver on Nairobi’s congested roads.

Flora Mwikali – New Scent Centre International Director

Flora Mwikali graduated from Scott Theological College with a bachelor’s degree in theology in response to God’s call to enter the ministry. She initially served in church ministry as the head of her area’s Christian education department, concentrating on youth ministry. During those years, Flora co-founded an evangelism and discipleship ministry to serve the people of Kenya and beyond. In this effort, she led group social service activities such as distributing food to the poor and visiting the sick. As Flora’s visits frequently brought to light issues of gender-based violence (GBV) in the community, these experiences cultivated within her a strong passion for achieving justice for and support of sexually assaulted women.

Flora continued her education with a master’s of divinity in Christian education from Africa International University (AIU) along with a diploma in Project Management and Alcoholism and Substance Addiction Counseling. Community activities at this time included leading the social department of her graduate school and steering the women ministry of Nairobi Baptist Church. Flora then joined Good Hope Rehabilitation Centre, a substance abuse treatment centre, as project coordinator and later as project manager. While there, she led project improvements in client service delivery and the internal development of the centre’s infrastructure.

Flora is also the founder of New Scent Centre International. This ministry offers residential services to survivors of GBV, treatment for female addicts and non-residential support groups. Its guiding principle is to achieve wholeness for participants and the community at large. Flora serves as adjunct lecturer at Africa Nazarene University, regularly speaks to high school and college students on the Christian faith and personal development, and presents at numerous meetings and women conferences. She voluntarily offers counseling services to GBV survivors and journeys with them toward recovery. Flora thrives in roles of teaching, public speaking and counseling to promote comprehensive and holistic healing.