Scouting in Kenya 2021


Coming off of a successful Scouting in Kenya 2019 trip, Servant Forge is planning the next Scout Crew for February 2021.

Servant Forge looks to create servant leaders within the communities they serve, and it is a perfect partnership with BSA and the Kenya Scouting Association (KSA), which seek to develop youth leadership, foster community service and develop a moral compass.

Program Objectives
• To contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and character potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities
• To promote the development of the Global Scouting Movement
• Do service for the KSA and learn more about the Scouting Movement in Kenya
• To provide stimulating educational experiences for young people from the United States and Kenya
• To create an environment to enhance cultural awareness and understanding of difference and the impact of the cultural and traditional practice on young people’s lives
• To equip adolescent boys and girls with life skills; develop critical thinking and self-confidence, to protect them from exploitation and radicalization
• Create a partnership between the KSA and BSA organizations to create a long-term partnership.

Proposed Schedule

Days 1 – 4 in Nairobi

  • Welcome – Orientation
  • Camp/Visit at Rowallan Camp
  • Visits to Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Sanctuary
  • Visit to Nakuru National Park

Days 5 to 6 Machakos Scout Camp

  • Camp at Machakos Scout Reserve – Visit with scouts gathering for Founder’s Day Celebration
  • Scout Skills Stations and Activities
  • Service Project Opportunity
  • Visit Kituluni Hill AKA Kyamwilu Magnetic Hill
  • Visit New Scent Centre in Tala – Servant Forge Sponsored Home for Girls near Machakos

Days 7 to 8 Climb Mount Kenya – Trip to Nyeri trip

  • Visit Lord Baden Powell’s grave and memorial at Nyeri for Founder’s Day Celebration with over 10,000 Kenya Scouts and Kenya Leadership
  • Visit Baden Powell’s cottage in Kenya called “Paxtu”
  • Camping and Day hike to Mount Kenya

Day 9 – 10 Back to Nairobi

  • Visit KSA National Scout Store for anything we can’t fit in on the front end of the trip.


For this 10-day experience, the cost of the trip will be $1,400 per Scout plus the cost of airfare. (Flights this time of year run about $800 to $1,000 round trip. We will lock into a group flight to keep us all traveling together,)


  • First deposit of $350 will be due on ASAP to lock in your spot
  • Second deposit of $600 will be due six months before the trip
  • Flights will be booked three to months before the trip (invoices will go out)
  • Final deposit of $450 will be due one month before the February 2020 or 2021 trip.
  • Flight ticket and final deposit are non-refundable

Servant Forge Payment Info

Checks and cash may be sent to the Servant Forge Business Office:
Address: Scouting in Kenya Attn: Jason Drake, 5118 Henry Ave., Baltimore, MD 21236
For electronic payments below $750, we prefer PayPal payments to Servant Forge
Account Email:

Kenya Scouting Deposits
Kenya in Scouting

Contact Info

Jason Drake
SAI/Servant Forge

Linnette Muga
SAI/Servant Forge Kenya