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SEMA Mentorship Program

SEMA Mentorship Program


Our Mentorship program is a dynamic network of young people through which we are creating links within generations of youth. The mentors are committed young people who while they come from diverse backgrounds, they have one thing in common, their readiness to give back to society; SEMA connects these young people with secondary school students from different schools to mentor and nurture. You can get involved in SEMA’s mentorship program by committing to mentor the students we work with.

The SEMA Mentorship program serves students ages 13-19 by providing mentorship and leadership training.  As a mentor, you can get involved in this program in two ways:

One on one mentoring: A mentor is matched to two to four students for an entire year and the mentor commits to monthly mentoring sessions during the SEMA Mentor-Me days. Details of the Mentor-Me days will be agreed upon and communicated.

Group mentoring program: As a mentor you would be invited to facilitate a session based on your expertise on a current topic/study area that the SEMA Team has designated for a particular term in the year. This normally runs on selected career days and counselling days in our partner schools.

Details of the visits and the topic for the term are communicated at the beginning of the mentorship program with reminders sent as the scheduled date closes in. You are free to attend a group mentoring session in any of the schools as your schedule allows. The SEMA Team will invite you based on your skills as demonstrated in the mentor application form you already submitted. Feel free to also get in touch if you have passion on a particular topic/issue and would like to facilitate.

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Benefits of becoming a SEMA mentor
  • Access to a network of like-minded young people who are studying in Kenya
  • Access to exclusive job, internship, fellowship and training announcements from around the world that are carefully selected to fit our mentor profiles.
  • Fun and interactive mentor-only events designed to enrich and empower on both a personal and professional level.
Our mentor-only workshops, speakers, and networking events will inspire and empower you.

If you have any questions please contact

If interested, kindly fill in the application form:

SEMA Mentorship Program Application