Mission & Vision

Servant Forge

Servant Forge advances projects that transform individuals and communities toward better health, safety, education, and prosperity.


The Mission of Servant Forge is to build leaders and challenge citizens to embrace service as a means to improve the world around them.

Our vision is a world where communities and nations are transformed through civically active citizens.


Our core values are:

  • Service is a lifestyle.  Not just done on weekends, true servanthood is an attitude and approach that values dignity, humanity, and the promise of reaching every person’s fullest potential.
  • Build local.  Leadership is developed using the talents, energy, and character of the local community. Servant Forge advances projects that facilitate transformation.
  • Think big. The only solution that works is one built with input from the community with holistic, systematic approaches. With enough momentum, individual community successes stretch to regions, countries, and continents.
  • Anchored in faith. We are committed to sovereignty greater than ourselves. Servant Forge works with diverse religious organizations and communities to promote restoration and healing. It is about seeding hope, trust, and justice in a manner that enables the “other to become all that they can be.”

Relationship to SAI Servant Forge has a strong partnership with Strategic Applications International (SAI). SAI supports organizations, communities, and governments in developing strong humanitarian program. Servant Forge supports the projects SAI helps to create and manage by developing the spirit of local service and leadership among the project implementors and recipients. Servant Forge also identifies incubator projects and provides these small projects seed funding.