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Most of you know that James Copple and Gary Morsch are good friends who spend time together, whether sailing the seven seas or traveling to remote corners of the earth to alleviate the suffering of ‘the least of these.’  James is the founder of Servant Forge, while Gary founded Heart to Heart International.  There have been numerous times where our organizations worked together in the same refugee camps, or in the same disaster.  Both Heart to Heart and Servant Forge support ministries and not-for-profits who serve on the front lines of human need.  This week, James and Gary are spending the week in Swaziland, working with a terrific organization, The Luke Commission, that is working to decrease the incidence of HIV in this small African nation.  Check out their website:  “”  Heart to Heart and Servant Forge has supported the Luke Commission’s work in Swaziland for many years.  As Gary walked through their pharmacy, he saw many boxes of medicines and supplies that Heart to Heart has donated.
One of our responsibilities is raising funds and support for our respective organizations, or, in other cases, for the groups we support on the front lines.  Since James and Gary both support the amazing work of the Luke Commission, we asked Drs. Harry and Echo Vanderwal, founders of the Luke Commission, for a small, important need that we could address immediately.  They told us that they really needed to modernize some of their patient record keeping systems, and asked if we could get them 20 iPads.  Each one costs about $500, which means we need to raise $10,000.  “Done!” Gary told them. “If Jim Copple will raise $5,000 from his Facebook friends, I’ll do the same!”
Gary and James are each asking for 250 friends to donate $20 towards the purchase of these iPads.  Of course, you’re welcome to donate $50 or $100 or more.  And if you’re a friend of both James and Gary, then consider doubling your donation— half on behalf of Servant Forge, and half on behalf of Heart to Heart!
We guarantee you that your $20 will literally save a life, by allowing The Luke Commission to see more sick people each day, perform more circumcisions, provide more vision and wheelchair services, and get HIV medications to more patients.

Donate to the Luke Commission Fundraising Challenge 

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