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Servant Forge promotes individual, community, and organizational change to enhance service in our community, our nation, and throughout the community of nations. Individuals engaged in service embrace a process that has empowerment as an outcome; service is always about transformation.

Individuals and organizations that embrace a service orientation in their lives and in their work reflect an attitude and an approach that truly values the dignity, humanity, and potential of the individual(s) receiving or accepting the act of service. Servant Forge proposes a service model that is transforming and, by its very nature, facilitates change that drives the improvement of the human condition.

Good health should be an inalienable right for every person. In the poorest nations, health care systems are severely understaffed and volunteer involvement can no longer be sustained. First World countries must engage the health sector to respond to the urgent needs of eradicating disease, reducing child mortality, and improving maternal health.

Task shifting and mobilizing service delivery around community-based health workers is vital to the welfare of the poorest of our neighbors. Servant Forge seeks to advance new strategies to promote task shifting from the few with specialized training to the many with the capacity for generalized service delivery.

Access to education is a universal right for all individuals, regardless of gender, race, or religion. This transforming power is what fuels the development of our nations.

Servant Forge works with educational organizations to infuse a service approach into the curriculum, to encourage educational policy makers to require service as a component for graduation and the completion of advanced degrees, and to promote the reciprocity of service in all exchanges between student, teacher, and community. Servant Forge conducts retreats and trainings, provides expert input in curriculum development, and advances national policies that promote service in education.

All individuals have the right to engage in the civic and social development of their communities and nations. This includes freely participating in deciding the future of a political system. Servant Forge specifically addresses the issues of utilizing and enhancing the tools of democracy including education, citizen access, the right to represent constituencies, and the right to organize.

Servant Forge fosters a values-based approach to democracy. Citizens in developing democracies need tools to develop and sustain democratic institutions and civic engagement. Servant Forge helps craft and shape those tools to reflect an emerging culture of involvement and service.

Faith motivates and inspires as often as it separates and segregates. Servant Forge believes that true commitment to sovereignty higher than oneself – whether God, Allah, or Yahweh – is a call to promote change based on reconcilation, trust, justice, and service.

Servant Forge helps faith communities by offering strategic planning, expert training, and public speaking to inspire groups and instill a culture of service in their work. Servant Forge works to ensure the right to religious freedom and expression, regardless of creed, nationality, or ethnic heritage.

Poverty remains the most significant destabilizing force for families. Poverty retards the economic, social, and health development of communities and nations. Poverty overtakes the environment and the systems that support communities.

Servant Forge promotes civic and corporate engagement in the effort to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. We seek to forge new structures and strategies through a commitment and call to serviceto confront the forces that contribute to poverty. Servant Forge, working with NGOs and government agencies, seeks to provide training and technical assistance to enhance economic and social development among developing regions of the world.


The Servant Fellows Program is a highly interactive journey of self-discovery and personal transformation toward a life and career of servant leadership. Servant Forge seeks budding community leaders within these five areas of service:Disease Eradication ; Education; Civic Engagement and Involvement; Faith; and Economic, Social and Human Development.

By engaging with Servant Forge within our partner projects, the Servant Forge founders mentor emerging leaders so that they will be able to make the greatest impact. Mentorship includes counseling and a curriculum to prepare participants for servant leadership that includes training in fund development and program management, leveraging partnerships, and planning strategically in order to move from vision to results.

Strategic Applications International (SAI), funded by the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS Office), has developed a Tribal Meth Fellows Program to support 2010 and 2011 COPS Tribal Meth Grantees.

The purpose of this program is to build the knowledge, skills, and leadership of eight American Indian/Alaskan Native/Native Hawaiian young professionals in methamphetamine prevention, treatment,  enforcement, and child protection.  Fellows will receive mentoring, participate in interactive meetings with national experts, and serve as program advisors for SAI’s national Tribal Meth Initiative.

What it IS

  • A 12-week study and immersion program.
  • Highly interactive. Servant Forge Fellows serve in communities and do the work. They reside within neighborhoods of service and interact and collaborate with local leaders and stakeholders.
  • Solving real problems.  Servant Forge Fellows will address identified and “shovel ready” projects.

What it is NOT

  • Poorism – viewing and not interacting, seeing people living in poverty and not doing anything to respond.
  • One-direction.  Like the communities, Servant Forge Fellows will be changed by this experience.



This program provides opportunities for experiential learning and individual transformation.  The opportunities are in-depth, in person, and in full view of extreme poverty.  It includes a 10 day trip where Servant Forge has existing partnerships, focusing on Africa first.


Develop and publish relevant and impactful media using the latest technologies to inform others about the experience.  This includes articles, papers, blog, and videos. Regardless of the medium, it must tell the story effectively to a wide range of audiences.


As a result, there is (re)focused activity by the individual and/or their peers to do something to address these circumstances. With help from Servant Forge, Fellows plan activities for further involvement and are part of the planning committee for the next year’s participants.

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