Dandora Soccer Team Fundraiser

The children of the Dandora Trash Dump, approximately 2000 children, have little access to housing, health care, food, or education. The Dandora Dumpsite Rehabilitation Group (DADREG) is organizing a children’s soccer league. These kids play soccer or futbol on dirt and gravel pitches, wearing no shoes and in tattered clothes. One of the organizers of DADREG was the goalie for the Women’s National Team and she is determined to give the children of Dandora a chance to play soccer and compete with other areas in the city. When they do compete they usually win.

We can outfit three teams with uniforms for $1500 or $500 a team or approximately $50 a uniform. That includes cleats (they call them boots) in Dandora. These are the most marginalized children on the planet living in the second largest trash dump in the world. I need your help. These programs give hope and confidence to children who are often forgotten. – This should be an easy lift for my many friends on FB.

100% of your donation will go purchase these uniforms. We will let you know when we have reached our goal of $1,500 for this project. Click the donation button below and make your Tax Deductible Donation today!