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Clean Water Project

1001990_10152048830843875_533443965_nThanks to generous donations from the Jetter’s through the Nazarene Foundation and Servant Forge Supporters. We are working to build water throughout Kenya & Ethiopia to support the communities we serve.  Water is one of the basically necessity of human existence, when our solar pumps systems are installed it allows the communities we serve to start sustainable agriculture and have access to safe water.

In addition, Servant Forge is working in Swaziland in tandem with Swaziland’s HIV/AIDS Faith-Based Initiative and other partners to provide clean water for health clinics and communities.

Clean water is life-giving and life-saving. Although the wells and pipes in Swaziland provide clean water, it is often  transported from the water source to the homestead in contaminated containers. When this happens, the benefits of clean, bacteria-free water are lost.

Servant Forge helps local partners ensure the water remains safe for drinking and use. A simple chlorine dispenser set up at the water source provides single doses of chlorine into each user’s water container. This ensures the container and the water inside are disinfected for up to 24 hours.

Take Action:

A chlorine dispenser can be built and installed for $100. One chlorine dispenser contains 1,000 doses of chlorine and provides for 20,000 liters of clean water. Your $100 donation towards the installation of one of these dispensers in Swaziland will help to ensure that generations of Swazis have access to clean and life-giving water.