Church of the Nazarene in Lodwar


The Church of the Nazarene in Lodwar was the foundation of our humanitarian and compassionate ministries work during one of the worst droughts in Kenyan history. If you have visited the Lodwar Church, you saw the enthusiasm and passion of the congregation during the drought and immediately following as we began building the Wings of Hope Center. The Church has been intimately involved in the development of the farm and the Wings of Hope Center. Unfortunately, the Church has experienced a drought in leadership and therefore the congregation has all but disappeared. In the past two years it has been the achilles heel of our ministry in Turkana. While other aspects of this project have advanced, the Church has faltered. We can no longer afford this vulnerability. We need a strong Church in Lodwar.


East Africa Field Director Don Gardner and Nazarene Compassionate Organization Coordinator Sam Oketch along with the District Superintendent have taken steps to strengthen the congregation. The following has materialized:

  • We have a new pastor who is a recent graduate of Africa Nazarene University and is currently working on his Masters in Religion at ANU. He and his wife will be moving to Lodwar next month to take over leadership of the Church. His name is Charles Ogutu and he feels a strong calling to this ministry. Please be in prayer for Charles and his ministry. This is a major answer to prayer! He is coming on faith.
  • The Church has become a child development center with about 40 children. The government is supporting the work of the CDC and it has great potential for expansion and recruitment into the Church of both children and their adult parents.
  • The farm is now tithing to the Church and will eventually be able to be a major resource to the congregation.
  • With Charles’ leadership, we will now have strong leadership supporting our ministry in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. As you know, these two ministries are linked.



We have made a commitment to support the pastor and his housing for the first year. This is a $300 a month expenditure. We need $3,600 to underwrite the financial support of this young pastor. Within that first year, they will develop a sustainability plan that should support them in the subsequent years. Resources from the congregation, the farm and the Wings of Hope should be sufficient. We must now build this Church and make it the anchor of our work in Lodwar. I need to raise this $3,600 as soon as possible. Could you make a donation today?  Once we have the commitment, we will let the rest of you know and we can rejoice in making this happen and give thanks for your generosity. This is one of those low cost high impact interventions. Your help, as always, is appreciated.

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