Bottle Aid

A survival strategy for women in the sex trade is exchanging sex for food, shelter, or protection.


Recently we met a woman named Mary in Kisumu,a western Kenyan city that is at the intersection of commerce for goods and services moving North and East. Mary, a sex worker for more than three years, reported that she began her work each day byreported that she began her work each day by exchanging sex for an Orange Fanta. That was her price for the cost of sex and her hope for survival that day. In subsequent interviews with other women in Kenya, Swaziland, Rwanda, and South Africa, we discovered that this is a common practice among sex workers.

Sex for an Orange Fanta – that is the harsh reality for women in extreme poverty and living in abuse. They risk everything to survive for a day. An Orange Fanta costs about thirty cents in US currency. We can help stop this!

We are calling on women, men, and organizations to help us do something about gender violence and abuse by taking a series of simple actions.

  1. Purchase a bottle of soda
  2. Each day for thirty days put the money you would spend for one bottle of soda in the empty bottle of soda.
  3. Encourage your friends, colleagues, members of your Church, classmates, roommates, and other social net working groups to do the same.
  4. The average cost of a soda is $1.00. At the end of the month you should have approximately $30,00.
  5. Send the $30.00 to NCM at and designate it for the Kenya Gender-Based Violence Initiative or to Servant Forge at For more information on Gender- Based Violence visit the Servant Forge website.

The bottle campaign has a goal of raising $60,000. The money will provide vocational training for women in Turkana and Kisumu Counties in western Kenya where 20,000 women have gone missing because of famine, war, and violence. Three thousand women will benefit from this ministry and work. We need 2,000 women to participate in the campaign to reach our goal. You can start TODAY – help us by taking action and encourage your friends to do the same.