Our mission is to build leaders & challenge communities to embrace service as a means to improve the world around them.

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Our vision is a world where communities and nations are transformed through civically active citizens.

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Servant Forge promotes individual, community, and organizational change to enhance service.

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Servant Forge is involved in many projects and are active in changing the world.

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Help the New Scent Center!

Servant Forge in partnership with the New Scent Center in Machakos, Kenya is creating a safe and caring space for 40 children who have been sexually assaulted and abandoned on the streets of Kenya. These girls have been rescued from some of the most horrible experiences you can imagine. At the New Scent Center, they have shelter, food and are receiving an education that gives them hope and opportunity. Flora Mwikali and her team are shepherds moving these young children from despair to hope. The staff walks the streets searching for children who have been cast away or have lost their families. It is a mission of Justice and Mercy.

The work of New Scent Center grows everyday and Servant Forge is asking you to help us support the expansion of this ministry. We need to raise $10,000 to help them expand their space, purchase beds, books and supplies as well as for general care of these vulnerable young girls.




Servant Forge advances projects that transform individuals and communities toward better health, safety, education, and prosperity.

Our non-profit organization promotes individual, community, and organizational change to enhance service in our community, our nation, and throughout the community of nations. Individuals engaged in service embrace a process that has empowerment as an outcome; service is always about transformation.

Individuals and organizations that embrace a service orientation in their lives and in their work reflect an attitude and an approach that truly values the dignity, humanity, and potential of the individual(s) receiving or accepting the act of service.
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